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Complete Guide to Ford Order Tracking

Ford offers a comprehensive and user-friendly online tracking system for customers who have placed orders for vehicles in the United States, Australia, and Canada. This system allows you to monitor your vehicle’s journey from the factory floor right up to its delivery to your local dealership. Below, you’ll find a detailed guide on how to track your Ford order, including how to access and use the online tracking page, as well as how to obtain essential information like your order number and VIN.

Accessing Ford’s Online Tracking Page

Ford’s online tracking page is the central hub for all information regarding the status of your vehicle order. This system is designed to provide transparency and up-to-date information from the point of order through to delivery.

How to Access:

  1. Visit the Official Ford Website: Navigate to Ford’s main website.
  2. Locate the Tracking Section: Typically, there will be a direct link either in the header, the footer, or within the “Owner” section of the website labeled something like “Track Your Ford Order.”
  3. Select Your Region: Since the tracking system accommodates orders from the US, Australia, and Canada, you will need to select your specific region to access the relevant tracking system.

Tracking Your Ford Order

Once you are on the appropriate tracking page, you will need to input some details to access the status of your order.

Steps to Track Your Order:
  1. Enter Your Order Number: This is a unique identifier provided to you by your dealer at the time of your vehicle purchase. If you do not have this number, your dealer will be able to provide it to you.
  2. Enter Your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): The VIN is a unique 17-character number that identifies your specific vehicle. It is useful for tracking once the vehicle has been manufactured.
  3. Submit the Information: After entering your details, submit them to view the status of your order.

How to Obtain Your Order Number and VIN?

Order Number:
  • At the Time of Purchase: Your Ford dealer will provide you with an order number when you place your order. This number is typically included in your purchase agreement or on your receipt.
  • From Your Dealer: If you lose or don’t remember receiving an order number, contact the salesperson or dealership where you purchased the vehicle. They can retrieve this number from their sales system.
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):
  • Post-Manufacture: The VIN is assigned to your vehicle once it enters the production phase. It is not available at the time of order placement.
  • From Your Dealer: Your dealer can provide you with the VIN as soon as it is generated during the manufacturing process.
  • On Your Order Tracking Page: Once your vehicle is in production, the VIN will also appear in the online tracking system alongside your order details.

Detailed Tracking Information

Once you have submitted your order number and VIN on the tracking page, you will be able to see detailed status updates, which typically include:

  • Order Confirmed: Ford has received and confirmed your order.
  • Scheduled for Production: Your vehicle’s production date has been scheduled.
  • In Production: Your vehicle is currently being manufactured.
  • Produced: Manufacturing is complete, and the vehicle is undergoing final inspections.
  • Shipped: Your vehicle has been shipped from the factory and is en route to the dealership.
  • Delivered: Your vehicle has been delivered to the dealership.
  • Ready for Pickup: Your vehicle is ready for you to pick up.

Additional Tips for Tracking Your Ford Order

  • Regular Updates: Check the tracking system regularly for updates, as vehicle production and delivery timelines can vary based on a variety of factors including model, customization, and geographic location.
  • Contact Support: If you encounter any issues with the tracking system, or if there seems to be a delay in the status updates, don’t hesitate to contact Ford customer support or your dealer for assistance.

By following these detailed steps, you can effectively track your Ford order from the moment of purchase to the exciting day of delivery. This system is part of Ford’s commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence.

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